Your organization’s success matters to us.

At McPherson Enterprises, we help you reach your business goals, with technical solutions that propel you—and a partnership that assures you. We believe it’s only a “solution” if it actually works for your organization.

And at McPherson Enterprises, we only provide solutions.


  • We listen and learn. Then we solve.

    And we use what we learn to give you best-in-class solutions to your specific situation. Whether it’s a new website or IT support, we make it our mission to deliver a solution that’s affordable and works within your existing business environment.

  • You get a customized team—with one main point of contact.

    At McPherson, we don’t just bring our skillset and experience, but also the ideal team, customized from McPherson’s network of professionals. For every project, you get a dedicated project manager who works with you and your staff to ensure the process is clear, frustration-free and truly fitting within your organization.

  • We recognize the unique nature of your business.

    No two organizations are the same, and so no two solutions should be the same. We treat every new client like a new client, bringing our skills and expertise, but in ways that fit your mission and objectives.

  • Our view is holistic.

    With our objective viewpoint, we often see things that might not strike you. We bring them up for discussion, and often, those little things we identify play a huge role in finding the right answer. With this approach, you can be sure that our solution for you is customized to meet your needs and your demands.

  • We maximize your time and investment.

    You may not need a solution that is entirely custom. Something pre-built might be customizable into exactly what you need. Through a collaborative process, we merge the best of both worlds to save time, save money and deliver the best outcome.

  • We are all about partnership—and commitment.

    Our business is built on the reliability and competence that foster successful relationships. We spearhead each project by putting our skills, expertise and passion into solving your problem—with a commitment to your vision that sets us apart.

Vast capabilities and personalized service—from a team who cares.

Led by Shani and Tian McPherson, and calling on our network of best-in-class consultants, we provide answers and engagements that are exactly what you need—for your unique organization, goals and situation.

Tian McPherson
Tian McPherson
Lead software consultant
Shani McPherson
Shani McPherson
Project manager
Lead marketing consultant
Deidre Rienzo
Deidre Rienzo
Copywriting consultant
Nelson Therrien
Nelson Therrien
Web design consultant

Skills we use to make Our Product perfect

Our deep skill pool and creativity allow us to provide exactly what you need—for your unique organization, goals and situation.

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