Small Business Websites

We differ from most website development companies in several important ways. Most importantly, we consider ourselves collaborators, meaning we want to help you achieve your goals without the frustrations that often go with website development.

Our Template Library

Although the templates shown are among our most popular, we have many more beautiful templates for you to choose from, making the web design process quick, painless, and affordable.

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Products Template Image copy
Products Template Image copy
Products Template Image copy

Our Web Design Process

  • Step 1: Choose a template

    We have an entire library of stunning templates, organized by the industries they are designed for.

  • Step 2: Create website content

    Once you’ve chosen a template, you will provide us with your company’s images, text content (also known as “copy”), logo, and color palette.
    Or we can do it for you as an add-on service.

  • Step 3: Upload content to website

    Once all of your content is created, we upload it all onto your website and link it all together.

  • Step 4: Review website

    We will review the website with you in a working meeting, and make small adjustments. Change a little text here, swap a color there, that kind of thing. Nothing major.

  • Step 5: Launch!

    It’s launch time! If you have already purchased hosting services from another provider, we will provide you with your website’s files for them to upload to that hosting environment. If you have purchased hosting from us, we take care of everything needed to launch your site.

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