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McPherson has a proven track record of success working with a variety of clients with many specific goals. This track record enables us to suggest and employ the best solutions for our clients, often saving them time and money. We have designed, developed, deployed and maintained solutions for government entities,  non-profit organizations and businesses of various sizes. Our ability to effectively deliver superior results in these vastly different arenas is due to our Agile implementation of this simple but effective process:

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We gather your requirements

Depending on the Client (that’s probably you), the requirements may already be written in a Request for Proposals (RFP) or other requirements document, or they may need to be figured out. Either way, we begin each project by speaking with the Client to gather and categorize their needs.

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We design a solution

With a list of your requirements, we go through each one and develop a rigorous strategy for meeting it. This may involve research into our proprietary technologies and various Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) components that may be needed. We then categorize this list of solutions according to any common threads we see developing.

Design a Solution Image

We implement the design

We bring in and integrate all of the components for the solution, and develop custom code for solutions that remain un-implemented.

Test and fix Image

We test and fix

We give the implemented solution to our Quality Assurance personnel, who have a range of tools to ensure the solution doesn’t create additional problems.

Deliver Image

We deliver

We deliver a fully tested and functional solution. Depending on the project, we will likely be delivering just a component of the solution, and then repeat this and all of the preceding steps for each additional component, until the entire solution is delivered.

Maintain the solution Image

We maintain the solution

We provide ongoing maintenance and trouble-shooting assistance for every applicable solution we deploy. We find and resolve most issues before they happen, and provide unrivaled help desk services when the Client finds a problem.

In Short: We care about our clients and their goals

We take pride in establishing organic, effective relationships with our clients that enable us to get at the heart of their goals and requirements. This allows us to deliver affordable, comprehensive solutions that provide long-term results for our clients. It matters to you, so it MUST matter to us.

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